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Name/Title Maker Production date Accession No
Poem, All Honour to New Zealand
Postcards, Egypt
Programme, Music for All
Vehicle Permit, Leonard Delabere Bestall
Permission slip, L D Bestall
Church Army; 1882
Leo Bestall (MBE); 21 Nov 1895; 22 Mar 1959
Mar 1944
Order of service, New Zealand's Chaplains' Department, Good Friday
N.M.P, Cairo
New Zealand Chaplains' Department, 2 NZEF; 1939; 1945
Apr 1944
Booklet, The Cathedral Church of All Saints
N.M.P, Cairo
Booklet, Desert Campaign
Church Missionary Society
Booklet, Some Ancient and Younger Churches in Egypt
E G Parry
Elias' Modern Press
Booklet, Schindler's Guide to Alexandria
R Schindler
Circa 1940
Booklet, The Coptic Church of El-Moallaka and Others at Old Cairo
Shenouda Hanna
Book, Sakkarah - The Monuments of Zoser
Etienne Drioton; 1889; 1961
Jean-Philippe Lauer; 07 May 1902; 15 May 2001
Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale; 28 Dec 1880
Booklet, The Book of the Dead Album
Albert Mayer
Advertising card, Abdul & I Farag Shaer Advertising card, Abdul & I Farag Shaer
Abdul & I. Farag Shaer
Collection of Hawke’s Bay Museums Trust, Ruawharo Tā-ū-rangi, 91882 Brochure and plan, Some Useful Information about Cairo with the compliments of the YMCA
The Nile Mission Press
Book, M Brin and R Biancardi
Morik Brin
Raoul Biancardi
Map, Syria and Iraq
Arts Graphiques
Alexandre Nicohosoff
Circa 1940
Map, El Fayum
American Express Co - Cairo
Circa 1940-Circa 1944
Map, General map of Palestine
Arts Graphiques
Alexandre Nicohosoff
Circa 1940-Circa 1944
Moslem Builders of Cairo, R L Devonshire
R L Devonshire; 1949
R Schindler