Applications, Financial Assistance Reimbursement, Repairs to Dwellings: 751-780

Production date
Post 03 Feb 1931
Current rights
Public Domain

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About this object
Documents and forms associated with Applications for Financial Assistance Reimbursement for Purpose of Re-instating Dwelling Damaged by Earthquake, Napier Earthquake Relief Committee, from File/Application numbers: 751-780. The documents are bound in the top left corner. Title on cover reads: Re-imbursement applications (Napier) 751-780.
Application for Assistance - Dependents of Persons Killed or Permanently Injured in Earthquake; Application for Financial Assistance Not Exceeding £100 For Purpose of Re-imbursing Owner for Re-Instating Dwelling Damaged by Earthquake with house owner and street number; Letters from Public Trust Office, Earthquake Relief Committee and Rehabilitation Committee; Handwritten letters from applicants; Handwritten description of repairs required; Receipts, invoices, timesheets, and estimates from tradesmen and contractors:
G H Phelps, plumber and drainlayer
G W Seymour, plumber
L R Williams, bricklayer
A Flowers, plumber
Napier Gas Company
Napier Timber Company
Bullivant & Merrick, painters and decorators
Barry Bros, Custom House agents
C A Allen, plasterer
W M Gordon, bricklaying contractor
F J Hodder, builder and joiner
Henry Williams & Sons, hardware and metal merchants
W T Leadbetter, bricklayer
H Alderton, plumber
T H Boston, electrical contractor and radio dealer
E A Young, plumber and drainlayer
W T Ennor, bricklayer and contractor
T J Exeter, plumber
J T Taylor, builder
J McGregor, bricklayer
Craig F Northe, builder and contractor
James Black & Son, painters and paperhangers
Robert Holt & Sons, painters and decorators
Walter Stuart, house decorator
H Jack Fulford, plumber
P Verschaffelt, builder
J & W Eddy, plumbers and drainlayers
Walpole & Patterson, builders and contractors
W M Angus, builders and contractors
Denholm & Elliott, plumbers, iron workers
G M Fitzhenry, painter and decorator
S B Houghton, electrical contractor
F Watts, builder and contractor
Manson & Clark, sawmillers and timber merchants
James Salthouse, painter and paperhanger
C H Cranby & Co, electrical and timber merchants
Hector McGregor, electrical engineers and contractors
Co-Pa Company, plumbers, drainlayers, sheet metal workers
L H Denby, bricklayer

File/Application: 751 John Jolly, 6 Napier Terrace
File/Application: 752 F R (Frederick Rowden) Soper, 107 Waghorne Street (on back of document is a letter addressed to Mrs L J Russell, 107 Wellesley Road, dated 7 March 1932, advising that the Public Trustee is executor of the will of Patrick Lynch, deceased)
File/Application: 753 Mrs S P Morley, 11 Fitzroy Road
File/Application: 754 Mrs S P Morley, 1 Fitzroy Road
File/Application: 755 C N Anderson, 19 Enfield Road
File/Application: 756 M A Christensen, 42 Latham Street
File/Application: 757 Estate of Laura Parker, Main Road, Taradale (ioccupied by Mr D G Irvine)
File/Application: 758 F A Hetley, 10 Fitzroy Road
File/Application: 759 Thomas John Exeter, 6 Chaucer Road
File/Application: 760 Thomas John Exeter, 8 Chaucer Road
File/Application: 761 Miss Christina Greenaway, 126 Marine Parade
File/Application: 762 Miss J E Greenaway, 288 Hastings Street
File/Application: 763 Alice Morrissey, 101 Nelson Crescent
File/Application: 764 Mrs F Oates, 75 Nelson Crescent
File/Application: 765 Eliza Stevens,12 Munro Street
File/Application: 766 Eliza Stevens, 38 Munro Street
File/Application: 767 John Patrick Kenny, 6A Battery Road
File/Application: 768 John Patrick Kenny, 4 Battery Road
File/Application: 769 John Patrick Kenny, Battery Road
File/Application: 770 Frank Limbrick, 10 Sale Street
File/Application: 771 E H Limbrick, 23 Carlyle Street
File/Application: 772 Neal & Close Ltd, 201 Carlyle Street
File/Application: 773 Robert Holt, 22 Cameron Road
File/Application: 774 Ellen Rachel Holt, 24 Cameron Road
File/Application: 775 James Alfred Ashworth, 270 Hastings Street
File/Application: 776 Miss E M Willis, 34 Napier Terrace
File/Application: 777 Estate of Charlotte Adelaide Hindmarsh, Chequers Boarding House, Clyde Road
File/Application: 778 Sarah Sophie Addison, 43 Hardinge Road
File/Application: 779 J N Anderson & Son, 55 Wellesley Road
File/Application: 780 J N Anderson & Son, 11 Hall Street
Production period
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Several sheets of paper of varying sizes typed, with handwritten annotations, bound by a folding clip in the top left hand corner. Cardboard covers.
Length x Width: 355 x 225mm
Subject period
Subject date
Post 03 Feb 1931
Current rights
Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 94307

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