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Grant, Patrick John
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Manuscripts attributed to Patrick Grant for research regarding the publication Hawke's Bay Forests of Yesterday.

a) Manuscript by Michael Andrews entitled: History As Dinner. Reprinted for BBC Wildlife, November 1991.

b) Manuscript by George Griffiths entitled: Impact of Climatic Change - Land Resources and Erosion. Written for Patrick Grant.

c) Manuscript by D L Hicks entitled: Erosion Under Pasture, Pine Plantations, Scrub and Indigenous Forest - A Comparison from Cyclone Bola. Reprinted for New Zealand Forestry, November 1991.

d) Manuscript by D L Hicks entitled: Impact of Soil Conservation on Storm-Damaged Hill Grazing Lands in New Zealand. Reprinted for the Australian Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Volume 5, Number 1, February 1992.

e) Manuscript by Patrick Grant entitled: Hawke's Bay Drought Interpreted from Streamflow Records. Presented at the Conference of the Meteorological Society of New Zealand Agscape Convention, Havelock North, 23 August 1988.

f) Manuscript by Peter Isdale entitled: Fluorescent Bands in Massive Corals Record Centuries of Coastal Rainfall. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 310, August 1984.

g) Manuscript by David Laing and Charles Wayne Stockton entitled: Riparian Dendrochronologyy - A Method for Determining Flood Histories of Ungaged Watersheds. Dated August 1976.

h) Manuscript by D A Norton entitled: Dendroclimatological Studies in the South Island, Some Preliminary Results. Reprinted for the New Zealand Journal of Ecology, Volume 4, 1981.

i) Manuscript by Peter W Birkeland entitled: Soil Data and the Shape of the Lichen Growth-Rate Curve for the Mount Cook Area. Reprinted for the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, Volume 24, 1981.

j) Manuscript by Anne F Gellatly entitled: Lichenometry as a Relative-Age Dating Method in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. Reprinted for the New Zealand Journal of Botany, Volume 20, 1982.

k) Manuscript by I E Whitehouse, M J McSaveney and T J Chinn entitled: Dating Your Scree. Dated December 1980.

l) Manuscript by R Ramesh, S K Bhattacharya and G B Pant entitled: Climatic Significance of δD Variations in a Tropical Tree Species from India. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 337, January 1989.

m) Manuscript by Jurate Maciunas Landwehr and N C Matalas entitled: On the Nature of Persistence in Dendrochronologic Records with Implications for Hydrology. Reprinted for the Journal of Hydrology, Volume 86, 1986.

n) Manuscript by M K Hughes, F H Schweingruber, D Cartwright and P M Kelly entitled: July to August Temperature at Edinburgh Between 1721 and 1975 from Tree-Ring Density and Width Data. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 308, March 1984.

o) Manuscript by D A Norton entitled: A Dendroclimatic Analysis of Three Indigenous Tree Species, South Island, New Zealand. Reprinted for the University of Canterbury, 1983.

p) Manuscript by Paul G Bahn entitled: Further Back Down Under. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 383, October 1996.

q) Manuscript by Mark Allen entitled: Dating the Construction of Pa in Mid-Hawke's Bay. Dated 1994.

r) Manuscript by Chris Ryan entitled: Stormy History. Reprinted for Terra Nova, June 1992.

s) Manuscript by G Stevens entitled: The Ice Age in New Zealand. Dated 26 and 27 May 1973.

t) Manuscript by A P Druce entitled: Tree-Ring Dating of Recent Volcanic Ash and Lapilli, Mount Egmont. Reprinted for the New Zealand Journal of Botany, Volume 4, Number 1, March 1966.

u) Manuscript by Richard Holdaway and Trevor Worthy entitled: Lost In Time. Reprinted for New Zealand Geographic, Number 12, 1991.

v) Manuscript by Peter D Moore entitled: Did Forests Survive the Cold in a Hotspot? Reprinted for Nature, Volume 391, January 1998.

w) Manuscript by Grant A Meyer, Stephen G Wells, Robert C Balling Jr and A J Timothy Jully entitled: Response of Alluvial Systems to Fire and Climate Change in Yellowstone National Park. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 357, May 1992.

x) Manuscript by Richard B Alley entitled: Icing the North Atlantic. Reprinted for Nature, Volume 392, March 1998.

y) Newsletter by WISPAS (Water in the Soil - Plant - Atmosphere System), Volume 29, November 1984.
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Printed and handwritten ink on paper.
Largest document: Height x Width: 330 x 210mm
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from the estate of Patrick Grant
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m2010/99/260, 88209


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