Applications, Repairs to Dwellings: Wairoa

Wairoa Earthquake Relief Committee
Wairoa Borough Council
Wairoa Star Print
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Forms associated with applications for repairs to dwellings damaged by the earthquake, in the Wairoa County. The forms are bound in the top left corner.

Forms associated with applications for repairs include: Wairoa County Earthquake, Wairoa County Council, Application for Repairs to Dwelling to make it Habitable (one chimney and one water tank is the extent of repairs proposed by the borough) with house owner and street. The applicant has signed the form, which states that they will undertake to pay for any work not covered by Relief Funds; Memo, Bureau calls; Public Works Department, District Office, Wellington, Inspector of Works form of order for repairs, with detailed handwritten list of repairs needed and associated costs listed; Estimates and receipts from builders, joiners, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, drainlayers and other contractors; and Handwritten letters.

File/Application: 3/78 Jane Wilson
File/Application: 1/61 W Taylor, Carroll Street
File/Application: 13/2 William Henry Brady, Corner King and Queen Streets
File/Application: 13/3 Antony Stuart Bell, Awamate
File/Application: 13/4 Ashley K Cooper, Te Kainga
File/Application: 13/5 Ernest C Clifford, Ardkeen
File/Application: 13/6 Estate of Thomas Jex-Blake, Mangapoike
File/Application: 13/7 Joseph Conell, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 13/8 John Deckin, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 13/9 F A Denton, Te Tihi
File/Application: 13/10 G C Fletcher, Marine Parade
File/Application: 13/11 M D Glynan, Te Waikapiro
File/Application: 13/12 Hori Haere, Te Uhi
File/Application: 13/13 F Harrison, Second Street
File/Application: 13/14 William Hingston, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 13/15 K R Hinckerman, Oponiti
File/Application: 13/17 Ka TeNagehe, Putahi Pā
File/Application: 13/18 James Lawrence Maloney, Carroll Street
File/Application: 13/19 J H Mitchell, Te Uhi
File/Application: 13/20 Waaka Mera, Waikerere Road
File/Application: 13/21 Mutu Hararutu, Te Reinga
File/Application: 13/22 Carolina Muir, 110 Queen Street
File/Application: 13/23 Walter McGregor, Te Uhi
File/Application: 13/24 Norman McKinnon, Kia Kia
File/Application: 13/25 Robert McIntyre, Nuhaka
File/Application: 13/27 Mrs Mary Mills, Marine Parade
File/Application: 13/28 Niwa Waerea, Nuhaka
File/Application: 13/29 Pera Kikawai, Putahi Pā
File/Application: 13/30 Mrs Lily Patterson, Mangapoike
File/Application: 13/31 Alfred Pemberton, North Clyde
File/Application: 13/32 Riki Huka, Whakaki
File/Application: 13/33 John Swan, Kabul Street
File/Application: 13/34 Thomas B Somerville, Ohuka
File/Application: 13/35 Somerville Sanderman, Marine Parade
File/Application: 13/36 J O Scott, 10 Kopu Road
File/Application: 13/37 T P Spiller, Tohia Avenue
File/Application: 13/38 Davey Thompson, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 13/39 Tamao Onekawa, North Clyde
File/Application: 13/40 Te Paea Runga, Waihaka
File/Application: 13/41 Tim Toorney, First Avenue
File/Application: 13/42 Mary Whitmore, Tangaone Valley
File/Application: 13/43 Waka Eparima, Raniahua
File/Application: 13/44 Paura Whaturia, Te Uhi

File/Application: 14/1 J M Thomas, Maru Maru
File/Application: 14/2 Tearau Hiko, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 14/3 Albert L Howell, Omahanui
File/Application: 14/4 D A Hughes, Nuhaka
File/Application: 14/5 Hemi P Huata, Ramoto
File/Application: 14/6 Mere Mata Hekera, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 14/7 A Knight, Meanne Road
File/Application: 14/8 Archibald Lewis, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 14/9 Maika Karanga, Nuhaka
File/Application: 14/10 Samuel T McCracken
File/Application: 14/11 Paul Mitchell, Nuhaka
File/Application: 14/13 Robert Selwyn MacKay, Te Maire
File/Application: 14/14 Colin Osbourne McKay, Te Maire
File/Application: 14/15 Murdock Gordon MacKay, Te Maire
File/Application: 14/17 Herbert Bryan Taylor, Clyde Baur
File/Application: 14/18 Native Trust, Hereheretau, Whakatu
File/Application: 14/19 Arthur Poyzer
File/Application: 14/20 Mrs Ethel Pearson, Queen Street
File/Application: 14/21 Mrs E Single, Frazertown
File/Application: 14/22 James Small, Omana Nuhaka
File/Application: 14/23 H C Sharpe, Queen Street
File/Application: 14/24 Gertrude Storey, Carroll Street
File/Application: 14/25 Runga Tengaio, Nuhaka
File/Application: 14/27 M G M Williams, Mangatawhiti
File/Application: 14/28 Victor E Winter, Queen Street

File/Application: 21/1 William Atward, Delhi Street
File/Application: 21/2 Geo Butnell, Marine Parade
File/Application: 21/3 Frank Roland Buttruck, Ohuka Settlement
File/Application: 21/4 Mrs Emeline Cornelius, Frasertown
File/Application: 21/6 D M Dahm, Ohuka Settlement
File/Application: 21/7 Frederick Fletcher, Lahore Street
File/Application: 21/8 Mrs Toro Mata Hiti, Kihitu
File/Application: 21/9 Miss Hyatt, King Street
File/Application: 21/10 H R Hickling, Nuhaka
File/Application: 21/11 R Kohi, Public Works Quarry Road, off Kiwi Road
File/Application: 21/13 Mrs Herera Morera, Frasertown
File/Application: 21/14 Mrs M Morgan, Tuiroa
File/Application: 21/15 Tieru Mete, Nuhaka
File/Application: 21/17 Poku Nuea, Poakawai
File/Application: 21/18 Mrs M M Potter, Mangaoue
File/Application: 21/19 Emma Jane Powell, Maru maru
File/Application: 20/20 Pohe Pakura, Frasertown
File/Application: 21/21 Martin Paget, Frasertown
File/Application: 21/22 Robert Stewart, Rose Street
File/Application: 21/23 Mrs Snelton, Lucknow Street
File/Application: 21/24 Te Kauru Hohepa, Nuhaka
File/Application: 21/26 H Watuira, Ruataniwha Road
File/Application: 21/27 Peter Watson, Tuhara
File/Application: 21/28 Tere Waerea, Nuhaka
File/Application: 21/29 Wiremu Waaka, known as William Walker, Whakahi
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Production technique
Media/Materials description
Several sheets of paper of varying sizes typed, printed and handwritten, bound by a folding clip in the top left hand corner.
Length x Width: 355 x 225mm
Subject period
Subject date
Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 76871


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