Applications, Financial Assistance, Repairs to Dwellings: 1201-1220

Production date
Post 03 Feb 1931

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About this object
Forms associated with applications for repairs to dwellings damaged by the earthquake, from File/Application numbers: 1201-1220. The forms are bound in the top left corner. The first page is an index page, listing the name of the applicant, address, amount of grant, and dates.

Forms associated with applications for funding including: A copy of letter from the Napier Borough Council, Reconstruction Office to the applicant concerned, that their application for financial assistance has been approved, and the amount they have been granted. A memorandum from the Napier Borough Council, Reconstruction Office, to the Secretary, Earthquake Relief Committee regarding application for repairs granted with the application number, name and amount of grant listed. A copy of letter from the Napier Borough Council, Reconstruction Department to the applicant, regarding amount granted and directed to instruct contractor to proceed with repairs if they have not already commenced but the contract must advise the Reconstruction Department before starting. Application for financial assistance not exceeding £100 For purpose of reimbursing owner for re-instating dwelling damaged by earthquake with house owner and street number. Estimate of cost of repairing damage to dwelling. Inspection report from Building Inspector. Estimates from builders, joiners, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, drainlayers and other contractors; Handwritten letters with a description of repairs required.

File/Application: 1201 Frederick R Lee, 42 Kennedy Road
File/Application: 1202 Daniel Sutherland, 27 Morris Street
File/Application: 1202A Daniel Sutherland, 27 Morris Street
File/Application: 1203 Augustine A Bagley, 104 Vigor Brown Street
File/Application: 1204 Mrs Louisa Brown, 22 Colenso Street
File/Application: 1205 James R Morgan, 5 Lighthouse Road
File/Application: 1206 George Theodore Lawlor, Burns Terrace
File/Application: 1207 Mr John Shearer, 98 Vigor Brown Street
File/Application: 1208 Lewis H Head, 9 Burlington Road
File/Application: 1209 Miss Rosabel Harford, 30 Thackeray Street
File/Application: 1210 Patrick Barry, 167 Hastings Street
File/Application: 1211 Patrick Barry, 15 Swan Street
File/Application: 1212 Patrick Barry, 171 Hastings Street
File/Application: 1213 Patrick Barry, 13 Swan Street
File/Application: 1214 Patrick Barry, 173 Hastings Street
File/Application: 1215 Mr and Mrs L Templemore-Thornton, 3 George Street
File/Application: 1216 Herbert Henry Berry, 3 Ellison Street
File/Application: 1217 Estate of G E Langely, 14 Vautier Street
File/Application: 1218 Joseph Banks, 77 Milton Road
File/Application: 1219 Frederick R Langely, Kavanagh Road
File/Application: 1220 Jeremiah Joseph O'Rourke, 11 Vautier Street
Production period
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Several sheets of paper of varying sizes typed, printed and handwritten, bound by a folding clip in the top left hand corner. Cardboard covers.
Length x Width: 355 x 225mm
Subject period
Subject date
Post 03 Feb 1931
Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 76545

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