Assorted Documents, Authorisations for Passage

Production date
Post 03 Feb 1931

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A folder labelled Permits for Filing, 4 March 1931, related to the Napier Citizen's Earthquake Control Committee. Included in the folder are letters, authorisation slips and telegrams relating to permission for people to travel to and from Napier, authorised by the Napier Citizen's Control Committee and other earthquake related departments. Some papers have permit numbers and others do not, as listed below.

The official authorisation slip distributed by the Napier Citizens' Control Committee reads: I hereby authorise ... to leave and return to Napier; also free transport by rail to and from ... The holder will make own arrangements for accommodation while absent from Napier, and is not entitled to treatment as a refugee by Relief Committees.

Surnames Include:
Mr and Mrs Charles Stokes. No Permit number
Mrs Percy Spiller. No Permit number
Miss Swaine. No Permit number
Mrs K Sabin. No Permit number
Saville. No Permit number
J Sullivan. No Permit number
Three Sutherland children. No Permit number
Russell Spiller. No Permit number
C J Steevens. No Permit number

Mr Phillips. No Permit number
Mrs F Plank. No Permit number

Mrs O'Shaunnessy. Permit number 1662

B McCarthy. No Permit number
Vida McClure. No Permit number
Miss McKenzie. No Permit number

Murton. No Permit number
Mr and Mrs J T Murphy. No Permit numbers
Miss Moorhouse. No Permit number

Irvine. No Permit number

Reverend Gould. No Permit number
Mrs G Goff. No Permit number
C Goddard. No Permit number

Flinn. No Permit number
Phyllis Forrest. No Permit number

Messrs Brown and Clarke and Day. No Permit numbers
Mr and Mrs Bullen. No Permit number
R Bell. No Permit number
Mrs Benton. No Permit number

Mrs Davidson. No Permit number
Mr and Mrs McRae. No Permit number
J Dowling. No Permit number
F S Diller. No Permit number

Mrs J Neville. No Permit number
Miss Jarvis. No Permit number
Lorraine Jane. No Permit number

Two permits, amount deducted from wages due to member of Special Police. No Permit numbers

Mr and Mrs Nicholas Rowe. No Permit number
Deputy Mayor and two Councillors from Eastbourne. No Permit numbers
Miss Neilson. No Permit number
Miss Arthur. No Permit number
Olsen Family. No Permit numbers
Mrs Baldwin. No Permit number
Mrs Callaghan, Mrs Gilpin. No Permit number
T G Julian and J T Julian. No Permit numbers
Thomas Bloodworth. No Permit number
Mrs D Northe. No Permit number
Walter Kirk. No Permit number
Mary Otton. Permit number 1045
Ada Oxford. Permit number 2858
The Officer in Charge of Refugee Camp, Showgrounds, Palmerston North. No Permit given, no self known at camp.
Mrs Orringe. No Permit number
Miss K O'Rourke. No Permit number
Mrs C O'Rourke. Permit number 357
Flora Oliver. Permit number 2505
R O'Keefe. Permit numbers 2500, 2700
George Thomas Orme. Permit numbers 116, 117
John Orr. Permit number 2281
A O'Brein. Permit number 4405
Mr Oemcke. Permit number 4375, 4376
David OShaughnessy. Permit number 4027
Mr and Mrs Thomas Ombler. Permit number 3559
Miss Alie N O'Brien. Permit number 3740
Maureen O'Keefe. Permit number 3206
Mrs E O'Connell and Mrs Jones. Permit numbers 3179, 3180
E C Oemcke. Permit number 1787
James P Thomson. No Permit number
E M Willis. No Permit number
Mrs Shirley Stickings. No Permit number
Mrs M Timms. No Permit number
W Shields. No Permit number
E Hankin. No Permit number
Mrs J M Kearns. No Permit number
Mrs Butler. No Permit number
Elizabeth Smith. No Permit number
Mrs G Idour. Telegram from Town Clerk, Timaru, to Repatriation Officer Napier, dated 26 February 1931, message regarding Mrs G Idour
Campbell, Paradise Road. No permit number.
Issue of permit for bearer. No Permit number

Seven slips from the Dominion of New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department, to the Repatriation Officer Napier: that for various reasons telegrams unable to be delivered. Addressees included: Mrs Barker; Rege Atwood; R Atwood; Miss E M Callings; Major, Auckland; Percy Smith; and Mrs Shirley.

Letter from Public Trustee, Executive Officer, Hawke's Bay Earthquake Relief Fund, to Major General Young, Officer Commanding New Zealand Military Forces, Wellington, dated 11 March 1931, regarding Stratford offering billeting for children.

Letter from Town Clerk, Stratford Borough Council to The Repatriation Officer, dated 10 March 1931, regarding list of refugees still residing in Stratford.

Copy of memorandum from R Girling Butcher, Secretary Napier Citizens' Control Committee, dated 19 February 1931, regarding issue of permits to travel to and from Napier: three types of permit to be issued: 1. Refugee's permits for free transport by rail and accommodation at Refugee Camps; 2. Permits authorising free transport by rail for people with arranged accommodation; 3. Permits for departure from and return to Napier, arranging own transport.

Copy of telegram from Morse, Chairman Citizens Control Committee to Secretary Central Earthquake Relief Committee Wellington, dated 3 March 1931, the message regards the following subjects: difficulty financing work for which unemployment money would be available; urgent work required to complete sewerage system; request for grant of 1300 pounds to cover cost of materials.

Copy of telegram from Morse to Town Clerk, Auckland, dated 7 March 1931, the message regards permits not under control of Morse; Telegram from Town Clerk, Wellesley Street, to Mayor, Napier, dated 5 March 1931, the message regards dissatisfaction of refugees delayed in obtaining permits. Town clerk offers to distribute permits to refugees whose houses in Napier have been repaired.

Form, The Unemployment Act, 1930, Inquiry Sheet, Particulars required from Registered Unemployed applying for Relief Work, dated 14 February 1931. Form filled out in pencil by George Alfred Paramare (sp).
Production period
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Various coloured papers printed and lined, typed, handwritten, and stamped.
Length x Width: 375 x 235mm
Length x Width: 340 x 215mm
Subject period
Subject date
Post 03 Feb 1931-1932
Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 76097

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