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Index cards with details of numbers of various application forms associated with financial assistance and reconstruction of dwellings damaged by the 1931 earthquake, in alphabetical order of surnames beginning with F.

Index cards associated with applications for funding. The index cards detail the dwelling owner, address, tenant, Amount Previously Granted, Estimate of Cost of Builder and Drainer and name of Builder and Drainer, P.W.D., Reconstruction Department, Date sent to Earthquake Relief Committee, and Result. The index cards also include three sets of numbers associated with various forms. The File number relates to the Applications for Financial Assistance - Not Exceeding £100 - for Purpose of Re-instating Dwelling Damaged by Earthquake; The Application number relates to the Napier Citizens' Control Committee Municipal Re-Construction Department Application for Permit to Re-Occupy; and the Permit number relates to the Napier Citizens' Control Committee Municipal Re-Construction Department Application Provisional Permit Only receipts.

Dated between 23 April 1931 - 15 August 1931 including:
F Surnames
Occupier: Fahey, Tenant: Roberts, File number 289, Application number 3362
Occupier: Fairbrother, File number 730, Application number 3458
Owner: Falls, File number 750A
Occupier: Falls, File number 750, Application number 2362, Permit number 2246
Owner: Falvey, File number 1869
Owner: Fannin, Tenant: Robertson, File number 929, Application number 1510, Permit number 1678
Occupier: Fargher, File number 447, Application number 542, Permit number 207
Occupier: Farmer, File number 539, Application number 1242, Permit number 484
Owner: Farnie, Tenant: Tolley File number 2329
Occupier: Farrell, File number 239, Application number 2436, Permit number 1818
Occupier: Faulknor, Tenant: Davey, File number 199
Occupier: Faulknor, File number 200
Occupier: Faulknor, File number 454, Application number 1213, Permit number 921
Occupier: Faulknor, File number 204, Application number 3336
Occupier: Faulknor, Tenant: Hantley, File number 205, Application number 3334
Occupier: Faulknor, Tenant: Wood, File number 206, Application number 3335
Owner: Faulknor, File number 2112
Occupier: Fencker, Tenant: Read, File number 1403
Occupier: Fencker, File number 361, Application number 3130, Permit number 2655
Owner: Fencker, File number 361A, Application number 3130, Permit number 2655
Occupier: Fenton, File number 162, Application number 1395, Permit number 1961
Occupier: Fenton, File number 500, Application number 774, Permit number 941
Owner: Fenwick,Tenant: Watkins, File number 628, Application number 2689, Permit number 2590
Owner: Fenwick, Tenant: Dowles, File number 629, Application number 2782, Permit number 2588
Owner: Fenwick, Tenant: Davis, File number 631, Application number 3450
Owner: Fenwick, File number 630, Application number 2876, Permit number 2052
Owner: Ferguson, File number 1600, Application number 2051, Permit number 2501
Owner: Ferguson & Wolstenhome, File number 713, Application number 2549, Permit number 2028
Owner: Fifield, File number 1842, Application number 1067, Permit number 1745
Owner: Finch, File number 2229
Owner: Finch, Tenant: Walsh, File number 2300
Owner: Findlay, File number 1822, Application number 1021, Permit number 519
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: Balcomp, File number 747, Application number 241, Permit number 144
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: McGrath, File number 744, Application number 242, Permit number 139
Occupier: Finnis, File number 743, Application number 244, Permit number 138
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: Steele, File number 742, Application number 243, Permit number 145
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: Johnstone, File number 741, Application number 210, Permit number 137
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: Forsyth, File number 740, Application number 2450, Permit number 2470
Occupier: Finnis, Tenant: Moffit, File number 739, Application number 243, Permit number 145
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Production technique
Media/Materials description
Cardboard cards printed and lined, typed, handwritten, and stamped on front side only.
Length x Width: 152 x 102mm
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Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 73505

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