Letters, Mortgages and Assorted Documents, Williams and Kettle Limited

Williams & Kettle Ltd
Carlile, McLean & Wood
Sainsbury, Logan and Williams
Humphries & Humphries
Hadfield & Peacock
Dalgety and Company Limited
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A4 sized folder for letters contains:
1. Letter from Carlie, McLean, Scannell and Wood in relation to the discharge of the mortgage on a property within the Section 12, Block II, Mangatoro Survey. Mortgagor: Arthur Galloway. Mortgagee: Frank Linsay Gordon.

2. Three letters in relation to a mortgage from Sainsbury, Logan and Williams held by Mr H G Balfour-Kinnear.

3. A series of letters sent with payment cheques for interest on mortgages: Mr Luttrell; Henry Davies, deceased; J P Lindergreen; Mr W T Williams, 165 Emerson and Tennyson Street.

4. Telegram: Tongoio, Tutira. In regards to a recently sold property in Poverty Bay. Harry Guthrie-Smith.

5. A series of letters sent with payment cheque for interest on mortgages: Hovell's Trust, Mrs E J Allis, John Alexander, Greenmeadows Bowling Club, New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited.

6. Documents relating to mortgages held by F W Williams and J Sandtmann. Mr Eric A Alger, receipts from Emily Rose, Particulars of Mortgage H F Gibbons, Part Section 8 Block XI Kaitieke Survey District, B R Gibbons, Part Section 8 Block XI Kaitieke Survey District. Particulars of Mortgage Mary Duncan, section 29, 38, 51 and 52 Elsthorpe Settlement Rangitina Mata block and part blocks 1, 78 and 79 Mangakuri Crown Land District.

7. List of debentures, issued by, value, and rate. List of interests of Reverend A K Warren 1918 - 1926.

8. Bank of New Zealand issued receipt of Debentures and Coupons in the account of Williams and Kettle Limited, Hastings Borough Council.

9. Handwritten list of debentures held by Williams and Kettle Limited.

10. Stock sale receipt from C F Hetley and Son on behalf of Reverend A K Warren.

11. Valuation for mortgage purposes of Mr John Hartree's property, section 2 block XV, Waihau Settlement, Patoka Survey District.

12. Two letters to a Mrs J W Hall of Napier Terrace, in relation to continued terms of the lease.

13. Two letters from Gardiners Estate Trustees and Alfred Caines to Miss A L Williams in relation to mortgages she holds.

14. Particulars of Mortgage, Ruangahu Limited, Gisborne on Mangataikapua Homestead Block.

15. Particulars of Mortgage, Mr S L Eising, Block 6 and 5, Mangahio.

16. Particulars of Mortgage, Arthur Hunt of Taradale, part of Rahiurua Block.

17. Particulars of Mortgage, A Urquhart, Volume 192 folio 294, Wellington district.

18. Particulars of Mortgage, Francis Baring Walsh, Gwavas Crown Grant District 2689, Maraekakaho Crown Grant District.

19. Letter to Major T J C Warren, Penlee House, Pukehou for a variation of mortgage payments.

20. Two receipts from C F Hetley and Son for debentures in the name of Williams and Kettle Limited.

21. Series of letters relating to the affairs of Mr Axel Frederick Anderson. He is in default on the mortgage for Lots 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 76, 80, 81, 85, and 86 D P 260 part section 9 of right bank of river. He brought the property from L H Rayner and it is located in Gonville, Wanganui. The property is finally vested back to Mrs McClean the holder of the mortgage.

22. Series of letters that relate to mortgages on properties held by E C Nelson and W Nelson.

23. Six lists of dividends paid to the Williams and Warren trustees.

24. Two blue envelopes advising holders of 1917 War Loan Bonds that they can now cash them.

25. Five letters in relation to the mortgage of Mary A Moorhead. Two are from the State Advances Office advising the mortgage has been paid. Three others are from Williams and Kettle asking for the return of a lease document.

26. Two letters inquiring about the mortgage renew for Bagge and Adams.

26. Several letters relating to mortgage payments due: Thomas Gorton Reade, C Dolbel, Mrs T G Reade, Mr C A Peake, Alfred Caines, Mr G E Hare, Mr Henry Davies.

27. Three letters from the Soldiers Financial Assistance Board advising they are now paying rent for S J Pilgrim.

28. Twenty letters that accompany payment of mortgage interest: Lonergan, T J Thompson, H Hildebrandt, J J Niven, Stratons Buildings, Jas J Niven, J A Fryer, G Dolbel and Company, Mr J E Brosnahan, Mr Hales, Mr B E Adams, Gladstone Chambers, Bagge and Adams, Mrs Hannah Roach, Smith Brothers, Mrs T G Reade, ADA Chuck, Mr Thomas Moorhead.

29. Letter from Mr L W Sixtus asking for for a change in mortgage rates due to the lack of labour available during World War One.

30. Letter informing of a change in deed of assignment between Mr V Jensen, A M Salek and Victor Salek for two shops in Emerson Street. Singer Sewing Machine Company and J Neilson.

31. Bill for a new water heater from the Napier Gas Company for Mrs Dewes, Sea View Terrace.

32. Bill from Williams and Kettle Limited to Mr L Harker, Seaview Terrace Napier, for rent.

33. Receipt for a loan to L J Thompson for six hundred pounds from Williams and Kettle Limited.

34. Unused dividend and bonus warrant from the Bank of New South Wales.

35. Two Treasury Bonds from the New Zealand Government in the name of Williams and Kettle Limited. Also a letter from the Bank of New Zealand agreeing to their issue.

36. Mortgage statement in the name of Daniel Buckley and Delia Buckley, 609 acres.

37. Mortgage statements in the names of J E Brosnahan of Ormond, F Moorhead Tikokino, T G Reade Auckland.

38. Rental agreement for a house on Napier Terrace between Mr F W Williams and Mr L W Hall.

39. Letter receipt note from the New Zealand Treasury.

40. Mortgage statement in the name of Lionel George Blane, 11 Russell Drive, Gisborne.

41. Mortgage statements in the name of Thomas Edward Shirley. Lot 3, 8 and 11.

42. Acknowledgement of debentures lodged for Williams and Kettle Limited. In the name of the Thames Harbour Board.

43. Fourteen pieces of paper with pencil notes on them. Most relate to interest calculations and mortgage rates. One relates to victory loans paid out in 1939 to Mr M E Maclean, Mr A H Gardiner, J C Warren and L T Warren.

44. Fifty two pages from a blotting book each with a blotted letter on it.

45. Two bills from Williams and Kettle Limited detailing the interest due.

46. Letter from E Harwood detailing the improvements he has made to his property. Also asks to draw down the rest of his loan.

47. Bill from Ken Beedham, builder for work on the corner house Brewster Street.

48. Nine bills from Williams and Kettle for interest payments.

49. Request for a schedule to be filled out in the estate of Lucy Francis Warren.

50. Bill from Robert Holt and Sons for fencing. Station Street Estate.

51. Two letters complaining about damp in a rental property and the improvements the tenant made.

52. Nine letters that accompanied payment on mortgages.

53. Memorandum from F W Williams inquiring about several mortgages.

54. Memorandum from F W Williams outlining interest payments on bonds.

55. Letter from a tenant on Seaview Terrace informing that the trap is broken in the bathroom.

56. Letter from L G Reade explaining that overdue interest cannot be claimed on an estate before probate is issued.

57. Letter from Mrs Warren explaining she cannot access her husbands accounts until probate is issued.

58. Letter from Maurice Mason inquiring into the amount of sheet iron needed for a fence.

59. Letter from Maurice Mason asking if the recount of the iron sheets had taken place.

60. Letter from Maurice Mason complaining about having to pay for a fence.

61. Letter from A Andrew asking when his property would be reposessed.
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Printed on paper with ink. Hand writtern entries.
Height x Width: 265 x 220mm
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gifted by Williams & Kettle Ltd
Other number(s)
m2007/86/53, 72581


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