Ration Book, World War II

Production date
Oct 1945

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About this object
Number 12583 F was part of the October 1945 issue, and issued under The Rationing Emergency Regulations of 1942.

It was the 5 series, date stamped 21 February 1946. The owner was Richard A Scott, but there is no address against his name. Inside the front cover there is a sticker under Names of Retailers for Smith's Quality Stores Ltd, Trafalgar Street, Nelson. This would have been the retailer under whom Mr Scott was registered to get his rations.

There are several pages, both used and unused of different types of ration coupons and their related counterfoils. These include: Butter, Tea, Sugar, Spare coupons, Special coupons, Meat, Household Linen, and Clothing.

In the centre there is a page entitled general instructions and it lists the eight rules for use both at home and when travelling. Under that there is a set of instructions for emergency rations and how to acquire them using ration coupons.

The back cover (both outside and inside) is a Coupon Calendar noting the serial number of the ration coupons that were legal to use during each week from 29 October 1945 though to October 1946.
Production place
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Paper cover with paper pages. Black ink printing. Blue ink stamps and both ink and pencil handwriting.
Length x Width: 135 x 109mm
Subject period
Subject date
Oct 1945
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