Assorted Documents, William Colenso's 150th Birthday Celebrations

Reidy, J M
Winkley, J
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Assorted documents relating to the celebrations and events for the 150th Anniversary of William Colenso's birth, most of which were held or arranged by the Hawke's Bay and East Coast Art Society.

(a) Newspaper clipping announcing the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of William Colenso's birth, sponsored by HBECAS (Hawke's Bay and East Coast Art Society). The article announces a joint meeting of the HBECAS and the Royal Society of New Zealand in the Art Gallery of Napier on Tuesday November 7, 1961. The event will have a presentation of Colenso - The Man by Aileen M Andersen, MBE as well as an exhibition of Colenso documents and relics at the museum, which will be open to the public for the event.

(b) Letter on Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand letterhead, president: Mr P J Grant, secretary: Mrs J Winkley. Dated 13 November 1961. Addressed to Miss A M A Andersen (sic), MBE. Thanks her for presenting her paper on William Colenso. Informs her that Mr Reidy of Colenso High School would like a copy of it for the school's historical records. Signed by J Winkley.

(c) Newspaper clipping titled: Hawke's Bay's first white woman. Image of Mrs Elizabeth Colenso and short article with a brief biography.

(d) Letter on Colenso High School (Napier) letterhead. From J Reidy to Mr President, Miss Anderson (sic). Dated 16 November 1961. Thanks them for the presentation of Miss Andersen's paper Colenso - The Man. Mentions the difficulties faced by her in order to complete the work in the short time frame given, and how this exemplified that she deserved the MBE. She was an enthusiastic member of the Historical Affairs committee, which researched local history. Mentions his particular interest in the fact that the bell used to open the meeting, was owned by William Colenso himself and was used to call prayer at his Mission Station near Clive. It was also used to call the first assembly of students at the February 1959 opening of the Colenso High School, and it is used to mark the final assembly every year at the school.

(e) Three page record of the joint meeting that celebrated the 150th anniversary of William Colenso's birth. A joint meeting of the Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Hawke's Bay and East Coast Art Society held in the Art Gallery on November 7, 1961 at 8pm. Includes: a list of the plants brought in to celebrate Colenso's achievements as a botanist; the exhibitions in the galleries as they related to Colenso, and a list of the articles contained in each as well as a description of the purpose of each. These included an exhibition in the Holt Gallery of documents and other Colenso relics, an exhibition of early watercolours in the Art Gallery entitled THE WARS IN New Zealand and watercolours dated 1845-1867; the programme itself, with Mr P J Grant, President of the Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand opening the meeting by ringing Colenso's bell and then giving a speech about the Colenso Prize and congratulating the two winning students from Hastings High School, Kathleen Thomason and Vivienne Langford. Mr K J Wilson then took over as chair and expressed thanks to various parties and introduced the speaker Miss Aileen M Andersen who read her paper Colenso - The Man. Mr J Reidy, the principal of Colenso High School, emphasised the work that had gone into her research and thanked her. Mr Grant then closed the formal meeting so that the exhibitions could be viewed. Thanks were also given to the museum gallery staff of Mr J S B Munro, Miss H M Hull and Mr Ivo Venables for their displays.
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Two newspaper articles are on newsprint, the rest is on typing paper, two of which are letter head. All typing is in black ink, though the Colenso High School letterhead is printed in green ink. J M Reidy's signature is in blue ink.
Length x Width: 160 x 49mm
Length x Width: 172 x 188mm
Length x Width: 403 x 140mm
Length x Width: 265 x 181mm
Length x Width: 320 x 186mm
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07 Nov 1961
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gifted by the Millin Trust
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m2002/25/559, 70337


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