Letter and Envelope, Percy R Manson

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Letter and envelope from Percy R Manson. The letter reads:

Tel El Kebir
Dear Mother,
I now take the pleasure of scribbling a few lines to you. I have just received about half a dozen letters the other day, and was very glad to get them, I have got my letters fairly regularly here so it not so bad.
The weather is terrible hot here especially to day. I expect the flies will begin to die next month as they begin when the weather get as hot as it is now by the letter I received from Tot & Mabel. I see you have been having very wet weather I only hope it would rain here.
I have met quite a large crowd of Napier boys since I have been here and of course I get to no(sic) a little news about Napier. How is Clive getting on. I see he has resigned from his position down at the yard. I suppose the wages were in-sufficient to keep him on account of the high cost of living which the war has accounted for, of course. I suppose he thinks a capable man like he is worth more money. I expect Walter is still up the Main Trunk Line fixing up some of the machinery up there. I suppose he will be going in for farming to?
I have had a letter from Helen and she says they are doing alright up there. I bet it is very cold up the Mail Trunk Line now.
I miss Vin since he left here as we always use to go out together and it use to feel like home but I hope to see him before long as I don’t think we will be long in this country. Well Mum. I think I will have to close this short note until next week as news is not to brisk over here at present. Hoping this will find you in the best of health and the same with the rest of the family.
I am
Your Loving son, Percy

a) Letter from Trooper Percy Manson to his mother on 24 June 1916 from Tel El Kebir. Recently received several letters, mail delivery is fairly regular. Discusses the weather and flies. Compares to weather in New Zealand. Has met many Napier boys in the camp and gets lots of news of Napier. Asks after Clive, who resigned from his position in the yard. Ponders why, perhaps the cost of living raises that the war has caused. Asks after Walter, a mechanic on the Main Trunk Line. Received a letter from Helen who mentioned how cold it was up the Main Trunk Line. Misses Vin since he was transferred. Expects to leave Egypt soon.

b) Military issue envelope for use on active service. Addressed to Mrs S Manson.
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Pencil and ink on paper.
Length x Width: 236 x 200mm
Length x Width: 153 x 102mm
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from the Viv Millin Collection
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m2002/25/431, 70174

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