Index cards, Applications, Financial Assistance, A Surnames

Napier Earthquake Relief Fund Committee
Napier Borough Council
Production date
Post 03 Feb 1931

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Brief Description
Index cards associated with applications for funding following the 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake - A Surnames.

The cards include details of the dwelling owner, the address, tenant, amount previously granted, estimate of cost of builder and drainer and name of builder and drainer, P W D, reconstruction department, date sent to Earthquake Relief Committee, and result.
They also include three sets of numbers associated with various forms. The File number relates to the Applications for Financial Assistance - Not Exceeding £100 - for Purpose of Re-instating Dwelling Damaged by Earthquake; the Application number relates to the Napier Citizens' Control Committee Municipal Re-Construction Department Application for Permit to Re-Occupy; and the Permit number relates to the Napier Citizens' Control Committee Municipal Re-Construction Department Application Provisional Permit Only receipts.

A surnames - dated 30 June 1931:

Owner: Abbott, File number 2146.
Owner: Abbott, Tenant: Tulford, File number 2148.
Owner: Abbott, Tenant: Stevens, File number 2149.
Owner: Abbott, Tenant: Smith, File number 2149.
Owner: Abbott, File number 2150.
Owner: Abbott, File number 1839, Application number 918, Permit number 1119.
Owner: Adair, Tenant: Markham, File number 1931.
Owner: Adam, Tenant: Duncan, File number 2118.
Owner: Addison, File number 1014, Application number 2809, Permit number 2123.
Owner: Ahearn, File number 1844, Application number 2481, Permit number 2698.
Owner: Ahern, Tenant: Crewes, File number 1638.
Owner: Aislabie, File number 1937.
Owner: Alexander, File number 889.
Owner: Alexander, File number 264, Application number 190, Ack number 450.
Owner: Allen, Tenant: Leaisson, File number 1509.
Owner: Allen, File number 1943.
Owner: Allen, File number 1280, Application number 2643, Permit number 2124.
Occupier: Allen, File number 559, Application number 1649, Permit number 2574.
Owner: Amner, File number 1311, Application number 1092, Ack number 905.
Owner: Anderson, File number 717, Application number 2704, Permit number 1940.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 384, Application number 577, Permit number 164.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 385, Application number 578, Permit number 165.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 725, Application number 792, Permit number 500.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Jones, File number 726, Application number 3456.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Blewett, File number 296, Application number 1796, Permit number 815.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Luxton, File number 297, Application number 3380.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Dawson, File number 295, Application number 3372.
Owner: Anderson, File number 1682, Application number 282, Permit number 526.
Owner: Anderson, Tenant: Melburn, File number 2253.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 389, Application number 574, Permit number 200.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 390, Application number 100, Permit number 28.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 391, Application number 571, Permit number 1085.
Owner: Anderson, Tenant: Neal, File number 391A, Application number 571, Permit number 1085.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 392, Application number 580, Permit number 1055.
Owner: Anderson, File number 392A, Application number 580, Permit number 1055.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Campbell, File number 393, Application number 579, Permit number 395.
Owner: Anderson, Tenant: Campbell, File number 393A, Application number 579, Permit number 395.
Occupier: Anderson, Tenant: Fleet, File number 394, Application number 575, Permit number 1056.
Owner: Anderson, Tenant: Fleet, File number 394A, Application number 575, Permit number 1056.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 613, Application number 3411.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 479, Application number 1786, Permit number 1398.
Owner: Anderson, File number 1303.
Owner: Anderson, Tenant: Grice, File number 938.
Owner: Anderson, File number 461A, Application number 3125, Permit number 1858.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 461, Application number 3125, Permit number 1858.
Occupier: Anderson, File number 583, Application number 2322, Permit number 2249.
Owner: Anderson, File number 1165.
Owner: Anderson, File number 1607, Application number 592, Permit number 362.
Owner: Andrew, File number 1547.
Owner: Andrews, File number 1133, Application number 390, Permit number 236.
Occupier: Andrews, File number 262, Application number 3041, Permit/Ack number 1898.
Owner: Angen, File number 936, Application number 1445, Permit number 1843.
Owner: Angory, File number 1385, Application number 728, Permit number 372.
Owner: Angus, File number 1325, Application number 69, Permit number 243.
Owner: Annan, File number 2328.
Owner: Annand, File number 1954, Application number 1832, Permit number 1280.
Owner: Ansin, File number 1615.
Owner: Appleby, File number 1135, Application number 2996, Permit number 2715.
Owner: Apperley, File number 1059, Application number 297, Permit/Ack number 1214.
Occupier: Arber, File number 496, Application number 3191, Permit number 2618.
Owner: Armer, File number 1725, Application number 1880, Permit number 1863.
Owner: Armitage, File number 1817, Application number 137, Permit number 740.
Owner: Arnold, File number 2298.
Owner: Arnold, File number 859, Application number 1309, Permit number 1630.
Owner: Arroll, File number 1328, Application number 695, Permit number 564.
Owner: Arthur, File number 1021, Application number 1736, Permit number 1306.
Owner: Ashcroft, Tenant: Captain Bax, File number 969.
Occupier: Ashton, File number 167, Application number 3327.
Occupier: Ashworth, Tenant: McGregor, File number 438, Application number 2478, Permit number 2467.
Occupier: Ashworth, Tenant: Ferguson, File number 318, Application number 2477, Permit number 2086.
Owner: Atkins, Tenant: illegible, File number 1837, Application number 2180, Permit number 2229.
Occupier: Atkinson, File number 271.
Occupier: Atkinson, File number 274, Application number 1267, Permit number 1595.
Occupier: Atkin, File number 284, Application number 1910, Permit/Ack number 944.
Owner: Austin, File number 707, Application number 3434.
Owner: Ayling, File number 29, Application number 1655, Ack number 1477.
Owner: Azzopardi, Tenant: Bryan, File number 1635.
Production date
Post 03 Feb 1931
Production period
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Cardboard cards printed and lined, typed, handwritten, and stamped on front side only.
Length x Width: 152 x 102mm
Subject period
Subject date
Credit line
from the Public Trust Office
Other number(s)
m98/62, 68219


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