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Colenso, William
Daily Telegraph
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Booklet containing three literary papers by William Colenso that were read before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute during the session of 1882:

Paper I. On Nomenclature. Part I. On Matters Relating to the Māori Tongue. 1. Of Errors on the part of Foreigners and Colonists, arising from their ignorance of the Māori language; especially of Māori proper names of person, places and things; 2. Of pure Māori names, and of their derivation, early given by the Maoris themselves to introduced European novelties. By William Colenso. Read before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, 10 July 1883.

Paper II (in continuation). 3. Of the unmeaning gibberish, or broken-English words and phrases, now used by the Government and by the colonists in their higher transactions with the Maoris. Part. II. On certain Colonial alterations and innovations made in the English and other Western languages. By William Colenso. Read before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, 11 September 1882.

Paper III. A few remarks on the hackneyed quotation of MacCaulay's New Zealander. By William Colenso. Read before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, 12 June 1882.
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Yellow sheet of paper sellotaped to front of booklet, cover missing, printed in black ink, bound through spine by string.
Length x Width x Height: 243 x 153 x 3mm
In sending you this printed copy of my three omitted Papers, which you will see are so printed as to correspond with the Transactions N.Z. Institute, and therefore could be bound up with them,) I would inform you, that I have by me 2 other Papers of mine, read here before our Members in 1878, giving an account of my early explorations on the Ruahine mountain range and my crossing it, in 1845, etc., with especial reference to its Botany. those Papers were also omitted at that time by the Board at Wellington; although they did offer to publish an abstract of them in the Transactions.
If you should be pleased with the 3 Papers now printed, and would like to subscribe (say, 3/., or 4/. at most, - those 2 Papers being larger,) for the printing of those 2 Papers on the Ruahine, I will thank you to let me know early: for, if a sufficient number of copies should be subscribed for by the Members of our Society to save me from heavy loss, I will also get those 2 Papers printed, -as a memorial of early times in Hawke's Bay.
William Colenso.
October 27th, 1883., Printed, Printed
HAWKES BAY ART SOCIETY This Book must not be taken away, Bookplate, Printed
H.B. ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, Stamp, Stamped
F. K. Maclean, Inscription, Handwritten
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1790, Pam C4 Col, 66212


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