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Galley Proofs by Robert Harding. Letters sent to The Press, Monday, 27 February 1899 titled: William Colenso. Some Personal Reminiscences. By Mr R Courtland [Coupland] Harding, Wellington.

a) William Colenso is described as having a love of books, keen observation, insight into character and kindly and practical sympathy for the young, freely giving paternal advice and books. He was a frequent feature in the letters to the editor section of newspapers, full of solid argument and practical suggestion, with a methodical style, indomitable energy and British pugnacity. Some historical events described, including the unrepresented Napier seat, 1861. This letter is a copy.

b) The second instalment describes Colenso's increasingly unsuccessful political involvement in the early Parliamentary history of the Hawke's Bay province, and his more successful involvement in the Provincial Council; described as liberal for the times. History of his work on the Māori Lexicon.

c) The third instalment continues the history of the Māori Lexicon. Colenso's books and oratory style described as discursive and vicious because of his long practice in writing minute, technical and scientific descriptions and his habit for many years of thinking, speaking and writing in Māori. Many of his papers for the New Zealand Institute Colenso had printed privately. Printing of the first Māori New Testament mentioned.

d) The fourth instalment describes Colenso as a prolific correspondent, registering all letters he wrote and received (sometimes over a thousand a year) and docketing his inward correspondence in the original envelopes. Burnt over one thousand of his letters. He was very charitable and pious. He helped establish the first New Zealand temperance society in 1834. Mr R. Courtland-Harding was friends with William Colenso for 38 years.
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There are four pages, the first a copy on white paper, the other three pages are printed on newsprint.
Length x Width: 612 x 137mm
Length x Width: 700 x 171mm
Length x Width: 700 x 171mm
Length x Width: 700 x 171mm
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gifted by Heath Simcox
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m98/17, 66201

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