List, deceased Māori with their successors and trustees

Production date
14 Nov 1896

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The deceased and their successors are:

Peti Hinetarakea deceased. Successors are Wi Pikari, Mere Pohio, Ema Porakoru, Wiremu Pohio, Ani Riki, Arama Pohio, Whetu Pohio (male aged 12 years) and Noti Pohio (female aged 8 years) - trustee for these two was Henare Pohio. Equal shares. Order 17 August 1893.

Akeniki Whanaukaere deceased. Successor was Apirana Tukotahi
(MA), Order made 19 June 1896.

Hiriweteri Rangi Tuehu deceased. Successors are Ateraita Tumatakuru. Order made 30 June 1896.

Erena Kaumatua deceased. Successors are Taare Papi, Taiamai Mihaere (male 5 years), Mata Mihaere (female 4 years) - the minors trustee was Taare Papi. Order made 2 July 1896.

Herehere Konuke deceased. Successors are Pimia Herehere (female 17 years) Mangere Herehere (male 15 years); Kooti Herehere (male 13 years), Keiti Herehere (male 11 years), Nawarihi Herehere (female 9 years), Hunia Herehere (male 5 years). The trustee was Konuke. Order 3 November 1896.

Mihi Te Rina alias Mihi Nati deceased. Successor was Horiana Hinemate. Order 2 September 1895.

Manaena Tini deceased. Successors are Tunuiarangi (male 14 years), Emaraina Hinekura (female 10 years), Te Rangiitahia Porokoru (male 8 years). Trustee was Te Moanaroa Kokohu and Porokuru Tiakipo. Order 15 November 1896.

Te Pirihi Taritari deceased. Successors are Pimia Herepere (female 17 years), Mangere Herehere (male 5 years), Kooti Herehere (male 13 years), Keiti Herehere (male 11 years), Nawariki (female 9 years), Hunia (male 5 years) - trustee of minors Konuke. Order dated 28 September 1896.

Marikena deceased. Successors are Pimia Herehere (female 17 years), Mangere Herehere (male 15 years), Kooti Herehere (male 13 years) Keiti Herehere (male 11 years), Nawariki Herehere (female 9 years), Hunia (male 5 years). Konuke acted as trustee. Order dated 3 November 1896.

Ema Porakoru deceased. Successor are Henare Pohio. Order 6 July 1896.

A note at the bottom states: These are all the deceased in the list given me by Mr Smith whose successors have been appointed. George H Harper. 14 November 1896.
Production date
14 Nov 1896
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Handwritten in black and red ink on paper.
Height x Width: 330 x 206mm
Subject period
Subject date
14 Nov 1896
Credit line
gifted by Lusk, Willis, Spoule & Gallen
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Public comments

Manaena Tini is my great great grandfather. The Trustees names need correcting they are Moanaroa Kokohu and Porokuru Tiakipo.

- Danica Papera on 09-06-2020 08:16:01

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