Hymenophyllum demissum, Polypodium serpens, Asplenium falcatum, Polypodium pustulatum, Aspidium hispidum, Asplenium obtusatum

Production date
Circa 1880
Current rights
Public Domain

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About this object
Watercolour on paper depicting a grouping of various plants. The plants have been numbered from one to six from left to right. The plants featured in the work include:

1. Hymenophyllum demissum also known as drooping filmy fern, irirangi and piripiri. The plant is depicted as a flimsy drooping pale grass green fern.

2. Polypodium serpens. The plant has similar features to Pyrrosia eleagnifolia (Bory) Hovenkamp although it is uncertain exactly what fern is depicted in the painting. The plant is depicted as a single narrow green fern with several brown circles known as sori.

3. Asplenium falcatum also known as sickle spleenwort. The plant is depicted as a dark green glossy frond with slightly serrated edges on the leaflets.

4. Polypodium pustulatum also known as Microsorum scandens, fragrant fern and mokimoki. The plant is depicted as a single green juvenile frond.

5. Aspidium hispidum also known as Lastreopsis hispida, hair fern and tuakura. The plant is depicted as a deep green fern with finely divided fronds. It has small light brown circles known as sori.

6. Asplenium obtusatum also known as Asplenium lyallii and lyall's spleenwort. The plant is depicted as three glossy deep green-grey fronds.

Unsigned. Undated.
Place made
Production technique
Height x Width: 354 x 240mm
Height x Width: 458 x 358mm
Signature/Inscription for web
1 Hymenophyllum demissum 2 Polypodium serpens 3 Asplenium falcatum 5 Polypodium pustulatum 4 Aspidium hispidum 6 Asplenium obtusatum, Inscription, Handwritten
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Subject date
Current rights
Credit line
gifted by the Misses Hetley
Other number(s)
48/4/36, 34242
Accession number

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