Architectural Plan, Hawke's Bay Art Gallery & Museum Extension

Natusch, Shattky & Co.
Powell Fenwick & Johnson
Judd, Tim
Production date
Oct 1973-Mar 1974

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Brief Description
Architectural Plan, Hawke's Bay Art Gallery & Museum Extension.
Stage 1, Set 2.
Plans also drawn by Tim Judd.
Plans include 11 Architectural plans and 14 structural plans.

Sheet 1. Drawing Index.

Sheet W.1. Revision 1. Working drawing.
Shows elevation to Herschell Street, hoarding at Herschell Street noting the old Council buildings, Lilliput, the Courthouse buildings and existing Art Gallery and Museum buildings.

Sheet W.2. July 1973.
Plan view of proposed work and existing buildings, noting the vehicle ramp down to the basement, timber retaining walls, vehicle barrier and access doors.

Sheet W.3 Revision 1. February 18 1974.
Showing basement dimensions and levels, Holt basement, detail of set out of boundary columns which will become the Founders room.

Sheet W.4 Revision 1. February 15 1974.
Plan showing the main floor dimensions and levels, alterations to Napier Development Association rooms, new access doors to Lilliput railway and model railway village, existing levels, floor slopes of the Century Cinema and air vents and the boiler.

Sheet W.5. Revision 1. February 19 1974.
Plan showing sections and details. Noting cross sections of the theatre interior and stairwell detail.

Sheet W.6. Revision 1. February 19 1974.
Sections and details.

Sheet W.7. Revision 1. March 1 1974. Basement penetrations.
Showing service pipes through basement slab and internal walls in the foyer and Founders room area.
Also noted are positions of sewer drains, stormwater drains, vents, water pipes, electrical and oil heating pipes.

Sheet W.8. Revision 1. March 1 1974. Main floor penetrations.
Showing a plan of the foyer, cinema and Founders room area.

Sheet W.9. Revision 1. February 18 1974. Drawn by T. Judd.
Basement floor plan view of the plant room, supper room, kitchen - server, store, museum basement storage and public toilet areas.
Noted at the top of the plan:
This is a preliminary stage two drawing and does not constitute work to be carried out during stage one.

Sheet W.10. Revision 1. February 15 1974. Drawn by T Judd, preliminary stage two. Main floor.

Sheet W.11. Stage 1. February 19 1974.
In-situ stair details.
Shows cross sections of stairs 1, 2, 3 and 4, section A-A and B-B.

Sheet 1. Job H-1912. October 1973.
Foundation plan and details.
Foundation plan noting footings and columns of the foyer and Founders room area. Also noted are foundation levels and reinforcement types.
Noted also is that the concrete shall have a 28 day cylinder strength of 3000 P.S.I .

Sheet 2. Job H-1912. October 1973. Drawn by D.H.
Basement floor.
Plan showing construction joints, stair cross sections, joints to walls, dished channel detail.
Floor slabs are 4" thick and slab reinforcing is to be HY60 grade.

Sheet 3. Job H-1912. February 1973.
Column elevations.
Showing detail at top of column, column widths and heights, noting all reinforcing to be HY60 grade.

Sheet 4. Job H-1912. February 1974.
Main floor plan, bottom face reinforcing only.
Plan of main floor area showing bottom steel only.

Sheet 5. March 1974.
Main floor plan, top face reinforcing only.
Showing main floor area noting top steel only.

Sheet 6. April 1974.
Backstage area floor reinforcing.
Showing detail at air vents, bottom flue outlet, section plans, backstage area showing top and bottom steel.

Sheet 7. March 1974. Revision B.
Wall and beam elevations.

Sheet 8. March 1974. Revision A.
Wall and beam elevations, noting that welding or tack welding on HY60 bars is not permitted.

Sheet 9. Revision C. Wall and beam elevations.

Sheet 10. Revision C. Wall and beam elevations - line 11, 12 and 13.

Sheet 11. Revision B. March 1974. Wall sections.

Sheet 13. Revision C. Sections.

Sheet 14. Revision A. March 1974. Drainage plan and details.
Production date
Oct 1973-Mar 1974
Production period
Production technique
Media/Materials description
Paper. Black ink. Copies. Affixed by two folder clips.
Length x Width: 595 x 830mm
Subject period
Subject date
Other number(s)
6354, 29604


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